How to Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index


How to Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Launched in 2014, the social selling index (SSI) provides a score that reveals your social selling performance and how you compare to others. Whether people in sales or simply building a network on LinkedIn, your SSI is important.

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for selling, recruiting, and networking, but measuring your success can be tricky. That’s where the LinkedIn Social Selling Index comes in, offering valuable metrics to help users grow.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the LinkedIn Social Selling Index, how to calculate it, and tips for improving your score to rank among the top LinkedIn users.

What is the Social Selling Index on LinkedIn?

The Social Selling Index (SSI) is LinkedIn’s tool for measuring your effectiveness in social selling on their platform.

Every LinkedIn user has an SSI score ranging from 0-100 based on their activities in four key areas:

1. Building Your Professional Brand: How well you establish your target brand through your profile, content, and engagement.

2.Finding the Right People: How effectively you connect with your target audience and maintain a healthy network.

3. Engage with Insights: Whether your connections and followers interact with your content by liking, commenting, and sharing.

4. Building Relationships: How well you strengthen relationships with your connections through conversations and engagement.

Each of these areas is worth up to 25 points. These factors calculate your overall score, your performance, and where you can improve. Your SSI score is compared to other LinkedIn users and provides insights into your rank within your industry and network. 

What is a Good Social Selling Index Score?

LinkedIn doesn’t have a strict scale for what makes an SSI score good or bad, but sales experts have some general guidelines.

  • An SSI score of 75 or higher is good and means you are among the best social sellers on LinkedIn.
  • If your SSI score is between 51 and 75, you have done better than most LinkedIn users.
  • A score of 31 to 50 is pretty low and means you need to improve in at least two areas.
  • A score under 30 is considered very bad and means you have lots to improve. It’s for those who are not very active on LinkedIn.

How to Calculate SSI Score?

The four main parts we talked about earlier determine your LinkedIn SSI. These are each measured based on:

1. Creating a Professional Brand:

  • Having a complete profile, including a cover photo.
  • Use multimedia on your profile.
  • The number of endorsements you have.
  • Long-form posts and the followers you gain from them.   

2. Building Strong Relationships:

  • How many connections do you have?
  • Business leaders and internal connections in your network.
  • Your connection acceptance rate. 

3. Finding the Right People:

  • Advanced searches you conduct.
  • The number of profiles you view.
  • How many prospects view your profile?
  • The days you are active.
  • The number of potential leads you save.

4. Engage with insights:

  • The number of engagements you give and receive.
  • Engagement on your long-form posts.
  • Shares of your content.
  • InMail response rate.
  • Saved accounts.
  • Groups you join.
  • Views on your research.

How to Improve Social Selling Index Score?

If the SSI score is low, it’s time to improve it. Here are some tips to boost your score:

Create a professional Profile:

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your Professional brand like you create your buyer brands. Create a professional brand that resonates with your peers, clients, or prospects.

Make sure your profile is complete and engaging. Consider what would attract others to connect with you and address their needs through your content. Aim for a 100% completion rate on your profile.

Use LinkedIn Tools:

  • Use most of LinkedIn’s free tools, like SalesNavigator to find prospects and build relationships.
  • LinkedIn Small Business offers resources and advertising features to boost sales.
  • Showcase your skills with the Skills Assessment tool on your profile.

Engage with Insights:

Your SSI score on LinkedIn rates how much you interact on the platform. It includes the likes, comments, and shares your posts get and how you engage with others’ posts through comments, shares, and reactions. It shows how well you keep up with trends in your industry.

Regularly checking out and engaging with posts can boost your SSI score and help you connect with other LinkedIn users while sharing your expertise.

Build Quality Connections:

Having quality connections on LinkedIn matters more than the number of followers you have. The right connections can open doors to new opportunities for job prospects or collaborations.

A good tip is to connect with people you genuinely like. Consider if you enjoyed meeting them for coffee or hanging out at a party.

LinkedIn groups are a helpful way to find industry professionals who offer valuable insights and advice when needed.


Social selling is all about offering value to your prospects instead of just asking for something. Use LinkedIn to share things your connections would find attractive and start conversations from there.

Your SSI score on LinkedIn rates how well you handle four key aspects: building a professional brand, finding prospects, having meaningful conversations, and building relationships. It’s a valuable tool for understanding how effectively you market yourself.

But remember, your SSI score is just a guide. It doesn’t define you completely. Treat it as a way to track progress and stay motivated.