Social Media Marketing Strategy – 8 Steps to Succeed in 2024


Social Media Marketing Strategy – 8 Steps to Succeed in 2024

So, are you planning to build an ultimate Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy that helps you earn more?

A digital marketing strategy is not just an outline of technical aspects your marketing team can perform everyday. It is a thoroughly planned tactic and activities you will put into practice to accomplish your business objectives.

As per Statista, Social Media spending globally from 2019 to 2028, by device mentioned here (in billion U.S. dollars)

Social Media Advertising anticipated to get essential growth in different segments by the end of 2028, especially Mobile will be notable with the topmost value of 212.68 BN U.S. dollars.

So, what is the need to implement an effective Digital Marketing Strategy to your marketing plan?

Let’s have a look.

Why Do Your Business Need a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy?

In today’s era, developing a website, mobile app, or social media account is not enough. It is significant to link all the aspects of your business to digital marketing strategies.

With that, you can understand your customer behavior easily. Understanding your targeted audience better aids to get a compelling value proposition.

Each business wants to cut the cost of useless marketing campaigns and resources.

But when you engage with a clear digital marketing strategy, you can evaluate your concepts about particular marketing data and make more informed decisions.

There are various categories of the Digital Marketing that includes,

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  3. PPC (Pay Per Click)
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Native Advertising
  6. Email Marketing
  7. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  8. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

In this blog, we will go through the SMM strategies that help your business thrive in 2024.

So let’s get going.

8 steps to build Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

|1. Define key idea and objective for marketing

It is always great to have a clear motive for performing any action. The same goes with the SMM strategy building. You can not see marketing as a personal effort to get target audience attention.

You must have a clear idea and goal for marketing. For that you can ask yourself,

  • What results do I want by forming a solid social media marketing strategy?

There should be a defined purpose of your marketing like,

  1. Boost brand awareness
  2. Get more leads for your services/product
  3. Increase sales
  4. Increase customer awareness

You can’t go simultaneously. It is necessary to focus on a single purpose at a time.

  • Is my objective real enough to achieve?

Your aim should be objective without being subjective. It should define parameters numerically. You can not be dependent on the illusion of your mind.

|2. Limit your spendings on marketing

Usually, we would love to perform everything possible when it comes to SMM. Obviously, we become active on all the social platforms where our brand is likely to be seen by the targeted audience.

But if you follow this practice, you can’t succeed as per your expectation. Keep in mind that marketing is just a significant part for business success.

So it is crucial to fix your limit for how much you need to spend on marketing. Your key aim is to achieve revenue. You must have skills to accomplish marketing goals with predefined goals.

You should discover the social media platforms that deliver the best value of your spendings. For that, it is vital to focus on,

  1. Cost per click
  2. Cost per conversion
  3. Cost per million impression

|3. Goals should achieve within required time-frame

The cost of any organization keeps increasing with every marketing effort. Moreover, the market is highly fluctuating with each passing day.

For instance, you build a social media marketing strategy for a business that produces Christmas trees and its decorating items. Now it is quite obvious that there is a time-limit by which a business should achieve their marketing objectives. The implemented marketing strategy has to show results before Christmas is over.

Just like that, organizations have different constraints but always there will be a time factor based on which you expect to accomplish pre-defined goals. Businesses can not focus on a sole parameter throughout the whole year.

So while outline SMM strategies, the planning should be done in a manner that the goals are accomplished in the specific time-frame.

|4. Understanding your customer behavior

Identifying your targeted customers and their behavior is one of the impacting factors to your Social Media Marketing strategy development.

For that you need to research on the following parameters:

  1. The age of my target audience
  2. Devices they use the most (Mobiles/Laptops/Tablets/PCs)
  3. Gender (Male/Female)
  4. The type of content they respond the most (Images/Videos)
  5. Their approximate budget to spend on your service/solution
  6. Social media platforms on which they engaged the most
  7. The approx timing they are active on social media
  8. Their monthly earnings
  9. Their living preferences (Cities/Towns)

When you are clear about all the above-mentioned aspects, you can identify your potential customers’ persona seamlessly.

|5. Choose Social Media Platform for marketing

Every social media platform has their own good and bad. You should opt for the one based on your budget, potential customer behavior, time constraint, and the product type.

Let’s understand the nature of the top 5 social media platforms.

|6. Availability, skill level, and involvement of human resources

The long-term success in any niche depends on the quality efforts delivered by the human resources and social media marketing is not an exception here.

You need a social media manager to put the effective marketing strategy in practice. If the manager is not skilled enough to leverage social media platforms, you can not accomplish your marketing goals.

Moreover, your hired resources should be dedicated to delivering work for specific hours. He or she should be available for a full-time or small portion of the day, depending on your marketing plan.

Hence, involvement of human resources is significant and impacts massively when it comes to defining the plan direction. You may find it insignificant at prior bases, but it should not be overlooked.

|7. Nature and scale of your organization 

The type of your organization depicts how you should target the customer.

For example, if your brand does not have an online presence, all you have is a physical appearance at a shop, you want your customers to be available physically at your store.

On the other hand, if your brand appears online, you do not want your customers to visit the store at any physical location. You can sell products digitally and drive leads online.

The scale of your organization is also a significant aspect that needs attention. If you own a big brand, then its awareness and retention become essential. Marketing for big brands is not only about gaining more leads, but aware individuals about the product/service.

Moreover, they have a large marketing budget and run different campaigns simultaneously with a specific purpose. They target particular platforms and have particular objectives.

|8. Paid or Organic Growth

A decent social media marketing plan contains both paid and organic approaches and complement each other.  So let’s understand both of them.

  • Paid Marketing

In paid marketing, businesses need to pay extra (Pay-per-click advertising) to grab the attention of targeted users most effectively. It is not all about paid advertisements, it is more than that. Ads are part of paid marketing.

With paid marketing you can access some premium features that any platforms offer, which are restricted with the organic marketing.

You can opt for paid marketing if you do not have any budget constraints and need quick results.

  • Organic Marketing

With this marketing approach, organizations can achieve growth naturally with the quality of content.

Moreover, keyword research and rankings, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), speed optimization, etc., are the aspects you need to focus on when you opt for organic marketing to drive traffic.

Here, you do not have to pay extra to outshine your content quality among others. You should prefer organic marketing if you have enough time and limited budget.

That’s all.

You can also watch this video for better understanding of how to build an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Summing Up

Today Social Media has emerged as a source of influence, enjoyment, and information. It has also turned out as one of the highly effective digital marketing channels, with more businesses unleashing the power of social platforms than ever before.

As the number of social media users keep growing and shopping patterns are more impacted by the likes of social platforms, marketers strongly leverage Social Media Marketing Strategies.

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