WordPress and SEO – How Can it be the Perfect Combo for Your Site?

WordPress and SEO – How Can it be the Perfect Combo for Your Site?

Do you know it’s been 20 years since the WordPress release? 

You might not be aware but you have been interacting with WordPress sites during all those years. 

Yes, it’s very true!

The key reason why thousands of websites use WordPress is it works tremendously with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspects and offers a competitive edge in this digital landscape. 

SEO is one of the significant factors one should leverage for their web or mobile project. 

As per Statista, you can see how impactful SEO is on marketing performance and goals according to marketers globally in 2022

There are many more prominent reasons why WordPress and SEO could be the best combination one can ever have.  

So, let’s dive right in.  

Why WordPress Works the Best with SEO?

WordPress gets recommendations from the most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts. Here are the reasons. 

|1. Open Source and Free of cost  

You do not have to pay anything to download and install WordPress. 

It is also an open-source platform. So you can edit the code as per your requirements. You need to pay only if you want to go for highly technical changes with the CSS. 

More than that, WordPress does not make you pay for any advanced features or premium models. 

|2. SEO-Friendly   

Your website ranks on search engines based on how you applied your digital marketing strategies 

So, WordPress is a go-to option when you want to focus on SEO aspects, as it enables content creation and optimization for different search engines. You can add your targeted keywords without much hassle that search engines and your audience find easily, and help you drive more sales. 

Additionally, you can leverage tons of plugins that enhance your SEO game. 

|3. The best-ever Security   

WordPress is widely considered as the most secure CMS thanks to its constant automated updates. If you are running a business that handles confidential information, you can add extra security plugins to further protect your customers’ privacy.  

In the event of any malware movement, you can rest easy knowing that you can restore your website without losing any sensitive customer data.

|4. Tons of Themes and Plugins   

WordPress is known for having an incredible variety of themes and plugins to select from. There are so many options available for free is just one of the multiple reasons why it’s such a favored platform for developing websites.  

Whether you are creating an online store, a blog, or a professional website for your business, you are sure to find a theme that perfectly matches your needs. It’s incredible how you can easily customize your website with just a few clicks!

|5. Mobile Optimized    

The majority of internet users indeed access the web via their smartphones. Luckily, WordPress has made it a priority to optimize all modern themes for mobile friendliness. As long as you have automatic updates enabled or are running the latest WordPress version, your site will be accessible through mobiles.  

It’s important to note that even if your target audience is not primarily using mobile to access your website, Google will penalize sites without mobile functionality. So, it is essential to prioritize mobile accessibility.

|6. Highly Customizable      

As a WordPress user, you can completely customize your website based on your requirements. You can choose from a wide variety of themes and plugins, or even create your content to make your website truly unique. With WordPress, you have complete control over your website’s code, allowing you to edit every element of it if needed.

This flexibility means you can create any sort of website you dreamt for, from a simple blog to a large-scale e-commerce site. You can easily adjust the size, appearance, layout, and functionality of your site from the WordPress admin platform without having to be a coding expert. With just some basic HTML knowledge, you can create the features you need for your website.

|7. Huge Community      

It’s interesting to note that the majority of websites are using WordPress. There is no surprise, considering the strong and vibrant WordPress community that exists. The platform is constantly enhancing with new SEO features, dashboard functionality, and UI updates on the horizon. 

One of the essential advantages of using WordPress is the extensive community support. It’s rare to encounter a problem that has not already been discussed and resolved by fellow users. This makes troubleshooting much effortless and ensures a smooth experience for website owners.

|8. Super Simple Third-party Integration      

If you are developing a website, you likely have a precise intent. It could be something as simple as showcasing your work online, generating leads for your business, or simplifying information for your users. Whatever your objective, you are probably using multiple additional apps to support you achieve it, such as social media marketing platforms, email marketing tools, or analytics applications. 

One of the most popular platforms for developing websites is WordPress. One of the advantages of using WordPress is that many other online tools have integrations for it. These integrations smoothen the process of  connecting your WordPress site to other apps in your workflow, whether it is through an API or a plugin. It can save you time and effort in handling your website and achieving your goals.

|9. Improved User-Experience       

WordPress is a great option for websites that prioritize loading speed and fast performance. With Google’s algorithm giving significant importance to loading speed, website owners must ensure that their website is optimized for quick loading speed to gain a competitive edge over others.  

Additionally, with the majority of internet users accessing the web through mobiles, it is even more critical for websites to load quickly to ensure a smooth user experience, especially with limited bandwidth. 

Summing Up 

It is a fact that WordPress is one of the most utilized CMS globally. It enables an affordable entry in the website development landscape without any sharp learning curve.  

For a business person or any individual website owner, WordPress offers endless opportunities with superb SEO-friendliness.  

Throughout all those years, it has changed the way anyone can think about developing an online presence with a website. It is contributing to the success of many large-scale businesses.  

Do you also want to leverage a WordPress CMS that works well for your website? As a top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency, we know how WordPress and SEO go hand in hand for your next project.  

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